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Sheriff’s Office to hold Town Hall Meeting about school security concerns



The Sheriff’s Office is planning a town hall meeting for March 16th at 7pm at the Community Center in Heber Springs.  The focus of this town hall meeting will be school security concerns, and what we as a county can do to help ensure the safety of our children.  This will be an opportunity for parents and citizens to voice their concerns and ideas about school security, as well as show that our schools and our law enforcement view our children’s safety as a top priority.  We are looking forward to this as being a productive conversation about ways to help secure our school. 

As your Sheriff, even though I’m not directly responsible for any of the schools in Cleburne County (meaning that all of the schools are in cities and have a police presence that is not part of the Sheriff’s Office), the safety and security of all the people and property in this county are my top priority, and I want to help in whatever way I can.  I have reached out to each of the communities in our county and I’m excited about being able to facilitate this conversation.  I hope you will be able to join us as we work together to keep our community, our teachers, faculty, staff, coaches, and our children, as safe as we possibly can.


-Sheriff Chris Brown



I was notified by officials with the Quitman school and Police Department, that they will more than likely be unable to attend this meeting.  We will schedule an additional meeting with them in a timely manner, but we still encourage and hope many people from in and around Quitman can make this first meeting as well.

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