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Sheriff's Office reminds motorists of common traffic laws


Traffic Law Reminders


As we move into Spring and Summer, we here in Cleburne County will also see an influx of people coming to enjoy our wonderful lake.  With the increase in traffic, we at the Sheriff’s Office would like to give a few friendly traffic law reminders that will help to keep you, and our deputies, safer as you drive.


-Wear your seat belt

-Children must also be buckled, and in correct car seats when applicable:                 * Arkansas Law requires that a child under six (6) years of age or sixty (60) pounds, be restrained in a child passenger seat properly secured to the vehicle. Any child over six (6) and under fifteen (15) years of age must be secured in a seatbelt

-Obey the speed limit                * On County Roads that don’t have a posted speed limit, the speed limit is 40 mph

-If you see an emergency vehicle or a maintenance vehicle on the side of the road, slow down, and move over where possible

-If you see an emergency vehicle driving with emergency lights activated, or with lights and sirens activated, the law requires you to pull to the right as far as you can, and stop until the emergency vehicle passes.  Please help us by pulling over as quickly as possible, or if in the middle of a blind curve or hill, activate your turn signal to acknowledge that you see the emergency vehicle, and then pull over to the right and stop as soon as you make it over that hill or around that turn.

-Don’t drink and drive

-Slow down near schools and in neighborhoods, and drive with caution as kids will be out playing

-Do not next text or use social media while driving.  Preferably, wait until you get where you’re going to use the phone


And remember, children learn by watching us. If you're traveling with a child, please model good driving habits.

For many more driving safety tips, please visit the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration at:

Thank you for keeping our roads and our citizens safe, and we look forward to the great times that spring and summer will bring!


-Sheriff Chris Brown

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