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Months long investigation results in arrest, large drug seizure


During May 2020, the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division received information about an individual identified as Branden Brewer, 43, of Quitman who was suspected of trafficking narcotics and other illegal items into the Cleburne County area.  A joint investigation was opened, to include agents with the DEA, 16th Judicial Drug Task Force, and the Heber Springs Police Department.  During the course of the investigation, information was obtained that Brewer was making trips out of state to pick up large quantities of drugs to bring back to the Cleburne County area.  On October 23, in conjunction with the DEA, the Arkansas State Police conducted a traffic stop on Brewer near Malvern, subsequently searching his vehicle and finding approximately 8 pounds of methamphetamine that was likely headed for the Cleburne County area.  The traffic stop, along with other information obtained during the investigation, resulted in the Cleburne County Sheriff's Office obtaining search warrants for Brewer's business (located in Cleburne County), and a storage unit (located in Heber Springs).  A search warrant for Brewer's house (located just inside Faulkner County) was obtained and executed by the DEA, 20th Judicial Drug Task Force, the Quitman Police Department, and the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office. 

During a search of the business, located in between Heber Springs and Quitman, detectives and agents found and seized methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, firearms, and what appeared to be counterfeit US currency, and materials to make counterfeit US currency.

During a search of the storage unit, many illegal narcotics items were found in an enclosed box trailer and were subsequently seized.  In total between the business and the storage unit, the following items were seized:

A complete clandestine methamphetamine lab

34 firearms (3 confirmed stolen at this time)

Over $17,000 in counterfeit US bills


*(All narcotics weights and compounds are "suspected" until confirmed by the state Crime Lab)

*Ecstasy pills - Approximately 750 grams (almost 2 pounds) - approximate value $30,000

* MDMA powder (used to make ecstasy pills) - Approximately 1.3 ounces (38 grams) - approximate value $1,520

*LSD - Approximately 250 "hits" - approximate value $3,750

*Heroin - Approximately 2 ounces (60 grams) - approximate value $6,000

*Fentanyl - Approximately 1.2 ounces (35 grams) - approximate value $1,750

*Crack Cocaine - Approximately .5 ounces (15 grams) - approximate value $1,500

*Oxycodone - Approximately 4 ounces (116 grams) - approximate value $5,220

*Xanax - Approximately 2.1 ounces (62 grams) - approximate value $1,984

*Methamphetamine - Approximately 8 pounds (mutual seizure with DEA/ASP) - approximate value $358,400

*(All narcotics weights and compounds are "suspected" until confirmed by the state Crime Lab)


Brewer is currently being held in the Pulaski County Jail on a DEA no-bond hold.  The investigation is ongoing.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

The Cleburne County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to fighting the drug problem in Cleburne County and will continue to work hand in hand with all our law enforcement partners in that endeavor.  We'd like to say a special thank you to the DEA, the Arkansas State Police, the 16th and the 20th Judicial Drug Task Forces, the Heber Springs Police Department, and the Quitman Police Department for their partnership and hard work, not only on this case, but on a regular basis.  Cases such as this are the result of a lot of very hard work and significant amounts of man hours from all involved agencies, and are a big win for our county.


-Sheriff Chris Brown



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