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Deputies presented with letters of commendation


Deputies presented with letters of commendation


During the week of February 8-18, 2021 Cleburne County saw an unprecedented winter event, leaving several people in potential danger from the harsh weather.  One such person was Floyd Slevidge of Heber Springs.  Mr. Slevidge lived in an area that became inaccessible by car due to the ice.  On March 12, the Sheriff's Office was contacted by a home health nurse who was concerned that Mr. Slevidge wasn't going to be able to get to the grocery store (due to where he lived in conjunction with the weather) to get any groceries in preparation for the coming storm.  The home health nurse relayed that Mr. Slevidge was almost out of food, and with no way to get to the store, he would soon be in danger of being completely without food.  The home health nurse was also unable to get to him based on the road conditions.

Rather than simply tell the home health nurse that we weren't able to help, Lt. Rushing, along with Deputies Milam, Tripp, and Cresswell, took it upon themselves to help Mr. Slevidge.  They were able to procure a side by side, make their way to Mr. Slevidge's house, transport him to the store to get groceries, and then take him back home again.

Lt. Rushing, Deputy Milam, Deputy Tripp, and Deputy Cresswell take community policing to heart, and are always looking for way to serve their community. They consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that people are taken care of, and we as a community are fortunate to have deputies like them. I want to personally thank each of them for their dedication to Cleburne County, and to serving people. Thanks guys!

-Sheriff Chris Brown


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