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Sheriff's Office unveils new "Patriotic" Patrol Car


The Cleburne County Sheriff's Office is proud to unveil our newest patrol car, with a Patriotic, American Flag-themed striping.  The wrap, completed by Visual Identity of Heber Springs, is the first Flag-themed car for the Sheriff's Office.  Visual Identity spent many hours over several weeks working on the design, which we believe turned out to be absolutely stunning!  The Sheriff's Office tries to stay active in community events, parades, and other activities, and we thought it would be special to have a "patriotic" car for attending those events.  Federal Signal also donated one of their new Valor light bars for the project, which is a unique feature, as it has red, white, and blue lights integrated into the light bar.  We'd like to say a special thank you to Danan Kennedy for helping us with the light bar, and Arkansas Valley Communications for doing the upfit on the car.  Many citizens have seen the car around town for the past few weeks while it's been taken back and forth to different places getting worked on, and it has received a lot of high marks for the design and overall look.  Aside from the different striping and light bar, the car is still equipped to function as a regular patrol car.  We are proud of how it turned out, and how well it represents the patriotism of our employees, and our community.  We hope you'll wave if you see the car out and about, and we'll look forward to seeing you at the next event we have where the car will be on display!

-Sheriff Chris Brown

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